The Perfect Gift for You & Your Guy!

1:30 PM


Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your guy this season? Look no further. Ladies, these Etre gloves are amazing and they aren't gender specific so we can enjoy them too! Don't you hate trying to send a text on your iPhone or other touchscreen devices and your chunky gloves get in the way?


Enter Etre FIVEPOINT Wool Gloves. These smart and stylish gloves solve the problem! They are guaranteed to keep your hands warm and dry with the ability to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or other touchscreen devices without having to take them off. Their special contactwoven fingertips allow to you touch, slide, tap, etc. with no problems.


If you need even more flexibility try the Etre Touchy Gloves that are missing their thumb and index fingertips so you can use not only touchscreen devices but almost any electronic device. You can even apply make up, take notes, or virtually anything else with the Etre Touchy Gloves. You more freedom than the FIVEPOINT gloves while still keeping your hands warm during wintry conditions.

Seriously, this is the perfect gift to give this holiday season. They are useful, stylish and functional! What's not to like?

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