The Prom Queen Of Hollywood- Ashley Tisdale

5:16 PM

There is a new crop of up and coming fashionistas riding on the coat tails of Kate, Nicole, and Sienna. One in particular to watch is a triple threat and a graduate of the most popular high school on the planet. Unless you have been living under a rock, Ashley Tisdale is on everyone’s radar and has clearly taken some style cues from her alter ego Sharpay. Ashley has definitely come a long way from her days hanging out with Zach and Cody at The Tipton in knee socks and pigtails. Today Ms Tisdale is fashion force to be reckoned with and regardless if she's rocking the Red Carpet in Siwy or doing a Starbucks run in Wildfox.


If there was a closet of every trend worth raiding, Ms Tiz' is clearly the one. Strolling the streets of LA, coming from the gym, at Coachella- Ashley is always head to toe in the newest designer duds. Right now she is clearly having a love affair with Rebel Yell (and who isn't?)- spotted in every piece, seen in the flutter sleeve Malibu Tee at LAX, going super cas in the neon sweats with 1967 tee, and getting her rock on in the Love Your Life tee and biker boots. When not chilling in Rebel Yell, Ashley also does daytime in Free People, Chaser, Wilt, and Sauce– to name a few… Wrapped up in Tolani, with either a JJ Winters or Linea bag on arm, Ash certainly never forgets to accessorize either.


As with every trendsetter, Ashley is of course always in the newest, coolest, up to the minute pair of denim. One of the first to be seen in J Brand's Zombie jeans, dressed up Siwy's Snowstorm with a leather jacket and booties, and right now wearing the “anybody who's anybody, seen and be seen in” Dylan George skinnies. The Tiz has officially gone from best dressed at East High to one of the best dressed in all of Hollywood. So watch out ladies there is a new Prom Queen in LA LA land!

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