The Singer22 Spring Forecast

6:48 PM

Spring officially springs into action March 20th, but the spring trends have already been played out by all the major leaguers of fashion. The style set understands the yin and yang of fashion, and this season is no different. With hemlines both high and low, jeans skinny and wide, and tops short and long, the rules may have changed, but the game is still the same. Every season, we get to catch a sneak preview of what we'll be wearing, without ever attending a single runway show. Being hot and young in Hollywood has its privledges, and these lucky ladies get the luxury of scoring fashion's first-dibs.

From top to bottom here is the hit list for Spring 2009 as seen on all of our favorite girls. Headgear has never been more prevalent, than for Spring 09. Fedoras add a jaunty jolt to any ensemble, and double as a distinguished disguise for even the worst hair days. Eugenia Kim creates these “crowns,” adorned by Hollywood's royalty, including Queen Bee Cameron and Lady in Waiting Vanessa Hudgens. Nicole Richie's, House of Harlow, takes a different approach, with both Gold and Brass headpieces- hippie hair-jewelry for the 21st century. And if jewelry for your hair doesn't top your list, there are plenty of other precious pieces to be had in Ms Richie's debut collection. Fiona Paxton has also taken Hollywood by storm with her Indian-inspired beaded necklaces. The Sylvie drapes the necks of both Hillary Duff and Isla Fischer, while Drew fully rocks on in Fiona's Coco necklace.

Spring scarves are no longer a trend, but a fashion necessity- since the debut of Lovequotes, there has not been a bare-neck on either coast. Tolani, in a variety of prints and designs, have also been keeping celebs like Sienna, Nicole, and Jessica looking cool on warm spring days. And what would a spring day be without the perfect tee? All hail the king, David Lerner, the haute new designer's organic tees are cropping up on everyone-Vanessa, Nicki, Megan, Shanae, and Halle. And if his tee's didn’t suck you in, than his leggings definitely will.

Irrefutably, NOT on the bottom of any spring shopping list, shoes, shoes, and more shoes! Ever since Vanessa Hudgen's stepped out in Report Signature's Randolph Sandal the wait-list officially began. Lindsay loves her Madison Harding flat fringe sandal, a definite trend for spring. In addition, studs are also an important statement, and Kettle Black does them on sandals, and kicks it up a notch on Converse high tops.

Whatever your vibe, the spring forecast is looking both hot and cool- so spring ahead and start shopping… NOW!

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