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Celebrity Style J Brand available at!

Celebrity Style J Brand available at!

I’ve long considered my J Brand skinnies the Holy Grail of all the jeans in my laundry pile, so when the designer duo decided to get literal, I wasn’t too stunned. With irresistibly bleached, shredded, and distressed detailing throughout, I’d venture to say that a statement like these requires little else to get your point across, whatever it may be. It hasn’t taken long for some of the hottest celeb personalities to slip—rather, to squeeze into a pair of these rocker-chic fall essentials.
When it comes to intentionally destroyed denim, less may in fact be more in order to avoid a disheveled appearance or those horrifying last pages of Us Weekly, but remember, fashion icons are not mortals.
The J Brand 12” Torn Ripped Skinny Jean (as seen on Victoria Beckham) spices up the singer / designer / luckiest-wife-in-the-world’s otherwise ultra-posh demeanor (ok, let me have the easy one). Delightfully dark from sunglass to pump, Beckham ups the ante with a keep-back-at-least-ten-feet fur vest. To achieve this look, check out's Vince Mongolian Fur Vest in Black. But for those of you intimidated by PETA, try some less furry, more sparkly outerwear, like the Gryphon Slouchy Sequin Bomber in Black.
Rihanna tops off this same J Brand Torn pair of jeans with a structured sleeveless blazer, as does our favorite tabloid angel Lindsay Lohan, who rocks the J Brand 12” Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Zombie. Note: when buying a blazer, go for versatility and durability, like the Vince ¾ sleeve boyfriend blazer in black.
If grunge-glam is too Courtney Love for your taste (or too Taylor Momsen of yesteryear to you biddies), offset an otherwise hard core look by adding an unexpectedly feminine accessory, like a scarf with a vibrant pattern. Singer22 offers the Tolani lipstick scarf in Mauve to help you emulate how Kim Kardashian femmes up her J Brand 12” Torn Ripped Skinny Jean (also available in white and dark vintage). Or try a rich, solid hue, like the timeless Love Quotes Scarf in Bordeaux (but available in more colors than there are skittles), which also happens to perfectly complement Ashley Tisdale’s J Brand 12″ Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Zombie.
At the risk of sounding like some fashion related horror movie victim, Kate Bosworth and Heidi Klum opt for the equally violently named J Brand 12” Pencil Leg Ripped Tie Dye Skinny Jean in Thrasher. Such a frightening collection must mean we’re rapidly approaching All Hallow’s Eve. And although any of J Brands skinnies would make the perfect costume if you’re planning on dressing as Tori Amos, our featured celebrity sweethearts have softened these serious jeans by throwing on a cozy, luxe sweater (girls after my own heart) like Singer22’s featured Goddis Montana Short Pocket Sweater in Charcoal.
With such unpredictable possibilities, J Brand has me thinking Holy-Moly! (Yes, in the cheesiest way imaginable).

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