They’re Finally Here! HoH 1960 Sunglasses

12:08 PM

Marie, Jordana, Chelsea, and Cassie are here! No, they're not new cast members on the next reality show, but the names of sunglasses from Nicole Richie's House and Harlow 1960 collection! These sunglasses are so rad, she even has a pair named after herself! Grab your very own pair of shades now and get ready for that springtime sun!

Ahh, nothing is better than the sun shining and having the perfect pair of sunglasses to accommodate the weather! Nicole's new line came just in time for every fashionista to own a chic new look for the upcoming light and airy season.

Follow Nicole's lead and wear them anytime of the day! It doesn't matter if you're working out,  going out on the town or everything in between, one thing is for sure you'll look amazing doing it!

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