Time to Lose the Red String.

8:37 AM

Remember those delicate gold bracelets featuring half a heart and either the word “best” or “friend”?  The ones you'd proudly share with your best friend in grade school?

Well, we may have outgrown the so-cute-you-could-puke cut-in-half heart accessories, but the urge to share a jewel with your best friends hasn't gone away.  So, take a cue from uber stylish Audrina Patridge!  Giving the bracelets to her amigo Lauren Conrad, she's chosen to recreate the friendship bracelet with Orka Mesica's sophisticated gold and black circle bracelets.  Each bracelet symbolizes rebirth, success, and creation – lovely sentiments to share with a valued buddy.

And, if you don't have any friends… the bracelet is still a great everyday accessory.  More fashion for you!


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