To Dye For: Gypsy 05’s Maddy Shorts, Sweatshirt & tie-dye Dolman @ Singer22!

12:02 PM
 The search is over.  We've found the perfect weekend wardrobe.

The search is over. We've found the perfect weekend wardrobe.

Every weekend it’s the same tug of war. Can I get away with wearing my gym clothes all weekend long? Do I really have to put on my skinny jeans just to trot down the block for a grande skinny vanilla latte and this morning’s edition of the New York Times? Not if you shop at With a flick of the stylish wrist you can slide into your favorite new weekend ensemble- Gypsy 05’s Maddy Short with matching Maddy Sweatshirt or Maddy Dolman Top. The short’s relaxed fit and on-trend tie-dye drawstring make these the perfect combination of comfort and cool. Cover up for chilly mornings with the Gypsy 05 Maddy Sweatshirt or rock the tie-dyed Dolman Top (it's also perfect for catching a show at Coachella when paired with this season's denim cut-offs). When you look this put-together grabbing your morning cup of coffee, just imagine how good you will look Saturday night. Good thing Gypsy 05 makes clothes for that too!

Started in 2005 by a brother and sister team, Gypsy 05’s clothes are made of organic fabrics and low impact dyes and embellished using water based printing- proving that you can be good to the environment and look good all at the same time. And look good you will in their line of silky tulip skirts, flowy maxi dresses and tie-dyed tee’s. Since their clothes are produced in Hollywood, it’s no wonder the brand has been spotted on the stylish backs of Leighton Meester, Nicky Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens. And with Gypsy 05 in your closet you can join the fashionable fold…in plenty of time for your Saturday morning coffee run.

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