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I am officially UNIF obsessed. Another amazing line I have just been introduced to from working here at SINGER22. The pieces are amazing and each one is so different than the other. My favorite piece is . . . (Click below to check out SomethingNavy's UNIF Faves)

My favorite UNIF piece is the floral chiffon skirt that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. The skirt has so much going on that you really shouldn't take away from it on the top. I would pair it with a cute simple white tank top from DaftBird or LnA. The t-shirts are awesome too. I love how one of the tops has a tying on the side. I love the trend of tying the shirts. It's so sexy and cool and definitely adds to a look. The white ripped up tank top is so cute with Siwy denim shirts. I love that it has a giant eyeball on the front that could easily be mistaken for a flower. The line is very different from anything I've seen so far. Their tops aren't just your ordinary tops. The floral cape top with the cut open back is a really special piece that would look amazing with JBrand white skinny jeans. I need to pick one thing to purchase, and I think I'm going with the skirt. Which piece will you be getting?

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