Vampire couture by celeb fave Wildfox available at Singer22!

12:49 PM
Sink your teeth into Halle Berry’s Wildfox Couture

Sink your teeth into Halle Berry’s Wildfox Couture

As the Twilight saga continues, so does the vampire vogue. But this month’s New Moon has given way to a new kind of Transylvanian creature—one who errs on the cuter side of dark, mysterious, and dangerous. The Wildfox Love Baggy Beach Jumper, available in both White and Neon Coral, has already began terrorizing Tinsel Town on the likes of none other than Halle Berry. Perhaps motherhood has softened this silver screen bigwig; but for a celebrity with such a frightening repertoire, from X-men’s Storm to a fierce Cat-Woman, Ms. Berry has creatively turned this nocturnal novelty into much cuddlier cotton.

For Wildfox leisure-meets-luxury Couture, go to, where you can also find the Vampire Love Oversized Tee! Take advantage of Free domestic ground shipping til Christmas!

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