Walk with Kristin Cavallari in Koolaburra Sandals from Singer22.com

2:32 PM

Get your celebrity style Koolaburra Sandals today at Singer22.com Kristen Cavallari and Vanessa Hudgens are rocking out in Koolaburra Sandals this summer and you can grab the hottest sandals of the season at Singer22.com! Forget those ordinary beach sandals. How about slipping your feet into something more luxurious? Koolaburra is famous for its sheepskin boots and has recently launched a new collection of luxury sandals. Koolaburra’s sandals feature top grain leather and have sheepskin lining. Kristen Cavallari is wearing the Koolaburra Venus Fringe Sandal. Available in black and chestnut brown, these Koolaburra Venus Fringe Sandals can spice up your everyday casual wear. Just like Kristen, wear these Koolaburra sandals with denim shorts and a comfy tank top. New trends are always coming and going. From tie-dye to plaid, we all love following new trends and this summer, fur is making its way. Instead of wearing fur boots during those frigid winters, fur is becoming a new trend for this summer! Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing the Koolaburra Aurora Sandals which is made from top grade leather and merino sheepskin. This sandal can be worn with shorts or a pair of skinny jeans. These Koolaburra Aurora Sandals are chic and will be one of the most talked about sandals you own. So go check out the rest of the amazing Koolaburra Sandal collection and get yours today at Singer22.com!

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