We Love David Beckham…and His Wardrobe!

9:06 AM

There’s something about David Beckham that makes women feel like school-girls again. But instead of spending our days dreaming of peeling this hottie from his wife, Victoria Beckham’s arms, (sorry ladies, but it ‘aint happenin’) – instead, let’s focus on the more attainable aspect of what makes David scream hot: his wardrobe.

Looking super fly wearing Superdry, David isn’t the only fan of this leather jacket.  Josh Duhamel has also been seen wearing the vintage distressed jacket that is made from super-soft full grain leather.  But you don’t have to be David or Josh to score their superb style. We're pretty certain that no matter what stud sports this Superdry jacket, it will have ladies making a double-take.

Another thing we love about David Beckham’s style is that his look is comfortable, effortless, chic and hot, all in one.  When David wears his love Quotes Linen Eyelash Scarf it makes hearts melt.  A man in a scarf shows confidence and charisma, and the Love Quotes scarf is simple enough for a man to feel manly.

A guy who looks like he’s trying too hard, looks like, well, he’s trying too hard.  We love David’s Rebel Yell Zip Up Hoodie because it speaks effortless fashion.  You can throw on and go and I don’t know a man who doesn’t love the ease of their trusty hoodie.

So while us ladies might not be so lucky to have our arms wrapped around the real David Beckham, at least we can wrap our arms around his fashion.  Men, take note!!

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