We Luv Aj

11:18 AM

There's a reason why our feelings run synonymously with the name of Amanda Thomas' jewelry line. Luv Aj? No problem! How can you not fall in love with a line that brings you tough, chic, and girlie all in one?

The Luv Aj Fools Gold Kuncklebuster and LuvAJ Spike Gold Knucklebuster  kill it. This double-finger ring instantly adds glam with just the right hint of toughness. The gold wire intertwining throughout the “fools gold” makes this gorgeous piece look modern and ultimately unique. 


Other fave rings of ours are the Light As A Feather Ring and Cross Armor Ring, they are all so artsy and different!


Speaking of unique, Ashley Tisdale sports the one of a kind Love Aj Cross Armor Bodychain.  This gold and gunmetal gray chain crisscrosses over your body and can be worn on either side, giving you the option of wearing whatever color you wish!

Get the coolest piece of statement jewelry as well as one of the biggest trends of the season with the Luv Aj Fools Gold Choker! This piece is perfect for toughening up any outfit while still looking chic and classy. The heavy metal chain and fool's gold will have everyone asking where you got it!

One more piece that MUST be mentioned is this HOT wrap necklace, throw this Twinkle Wrap Necklace  on in Gold with just about anything and it's guaranteed to make the outfit!!!

Did you just add a few new items to your Christmas list this year?

From us to you,


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