What Color is Your Mood?

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Without realizing it, the color we choose to dress ourselves in can have a profound effect on our moods.  Our emotions can be altered both emotionally and physically depending on associations that we make with particular colors.  Check out the meanings of different colors below and keep in mind the affects it has on you as you wear them.

(Pictured: Rachel Bilson)

Red is a color that people pay the most attention to. It's very eye grabbing and can cause heart rates to increase because people associate the color red with love.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent ~ Boulee Dress ~ L*Space

Black is a very misunderstood color.  For most people it represents death, fear, anger or sadness.  But in other cultures, black is considered good because it is the color of soil, which gives life.  We often associate black with formal attire, therefore giving a feeling of wealth and anonymity. Remaining a very mysterious color, the true feelings associated with black are somewhat unknown.

Wildfox Cut Off Tank ~ Paige Denim ~ Boulee Deja Dress

Targeting trendy, creative types, the color purple exudes an essence of royalty and sophistication.  Purple is considered an exotic and feminine color that is rare and appreciated.

Boulee ~ Naven ~ Plastic Island

Known as one of the most popular colors, green is a symbol of nature, wealth and generosity.  Hospitals can often paint their walls a soothing green color, or it is worn by doctors, because it has been known to relax patients.  It is also  known to be the easiest color on the eye and can help vision. However, seamstresses often refuse to use green thread on the eve of a fashion show for fear it will bring bad luck.

Halston Heritage ~ Pencey Field Jacket ~ Blu Moon

There's a reason brides wear white: It represents purity, cleanliness and perfect balance.  A very popular color to wear, white can be matched up with pretty much anything and is very neutral. We associate the color white with feeling of goodness.

Evil Twin ~ LnA ~ L*Space

Blue is a very powerful color in that it can lower your pulse rate, lower your body temperature and decrease your appetite.  It represents tranquility, unity and trust.  It is recommended to wear blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.

Boulee ~ Naven ~ Parker

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