What Comes Around Goes Around to Singer22.com!

4:00 PM

If there's one thing in fashion that stays consistent it's got to be that famous line – What Comes Around Goes Around! But famous line or fashion line, I'm all over the Shredded Gladiator Sneaker from this label. Miley stomps it out on stage in these bad boys, and as good as they look with her tank and shorts combo, I'm thinking they'd be perfect with super tight skinnies and a faux-fur vest. What Comes Around Goes Around creators Seth and Gerard have been sharing their love for vintage with other fashionistas for awhile now and these sneakers are a perfect example of the unique things they're bringing to the sidewalk.

While this line is based in NYC, Singer22.com brings it within reach and you need to check out their full line of goodies ASAP.

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