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When it comes to Celeb Favorite Designer Fashions, www.singer22.com has just what your looking for. We have new items by Jet by John Eshaya, Blue Life, Rebecca Minkoff, LaurenMoshi, And many more! There's a little something for everyone.

My Favorite New item is the Jet by John Eshaya Trasher Skinny Jeans In White. These are awww.singer22.com EXCLUSIVE. Stars, like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted wearing these super sexy jeans, only available at www.singer22.com.

I think Kim Kardashian wears them the best. She has an amazing figure and knows what to match with them to make them look amazing. You can match these jeans with a simple v-neck top or even add a blazer for a more sophisticated look. The Thrasher Skinny Jeans look amazing with any type of Heels.
I just love how Nicole Richie wears her Thrasher Skinny Jeans. She paired them up with a pair of black leggings underneath. It gives the rips more definition and it looks amazing!! A Pair of LNAZipper Leggings or 6126 Leggings would do the trick. It doesn't have to be a pair of Black leggings, you can go with any color, whatever tickles your fancy.

Adding a bright color with these jeans looks amazing too. A bright colored top, or a pair of boldMystique Sandals will look amazing too. You can always dress up the jeans by adding some accessories like a scarf or some sparkly jewelry. The Thrasher Skinny Jeans are a Must Have for this Summer!
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