What’s Your Inner Spirit Animal?

11:56 AM

, celebrity worn new “IT” company who allows all to feel frisky and stay warm in their adorable furry hoods is teaming up with Singer22 to do a contest asking YOU…”What is your inner spirit animal?…”


So many celebs not enough hoods! Catt Sadler host of E! entertainment channel, wore her SpiritHood at the Singer22 store in NYC recently, and like so many who are true tribe followers, we want YOU to be able to get your very own!! Rules of contest are as follows:   

Describe your “INNER SPIRIT ANIMAL” by choosing which hood best depicts your personality and either as a write up or a short video post your submission on SpiritHoods Facebook page. YOU MUST click on “LIKE” for BOTH SpiritHoods and Singer22 Facebook pages to be considered, as well as make postings on Twitter about your “Inner Spirit Animal”…and the contest…the winner receives their very own (inner) SPIRITHOOD!! CONTEST will start December 7th 2010 and end January 7th 2011, so get your submissions posted!!

Watch the SpiritHoods exclusive interview with Singer22 below and get inspired to share with us what your “Inner Spirit” animal choice is!!

Singer22 and the SpiritHoods tribe can not wait to see the “inner animal” in all of you!!! Contest lasts for one month starting….NOW!!!

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8 Responses to What’s Your Inner Spirit Animal?

  1. Jessica DeRosa says:

    I think the best hood that describes me is the brown bear half head unisex hood. I think this screams me because I’m fiesty and aggressive like a bear, yet my hair is a deeper blonde so it will show off the contrasting aspects that I possess. I think this is such a step up on the animal prints and such, and this can really show what kind of person you really are based on the hood you choose. however, even though this is the bear unisex hood, there is something about it that has a hint of being subtle. Thank you singer 22, I have purchased stuff from you forever! You might know me better from other numerous emails I’ve had along the years when I’ve purchased your stuff..I’ve gotten so many of my friends hooked its ridiculous! *jd

  2. Karen says:

    The spirit hood the best describes my inner spirit animal guide is the polar bear. I have found that the polar bear is my main animal spirit guide and we share many similarities. The polar bear represents being protective and fearless and also symbolises purity, being able to defend and care for others in need. The polar bear also observes situations before acting and can reserve energy and strength. I am very protective towards the people i care for and i am also helpful and friendly to others, choosing to put put their needs before my own. It is also true that the animal spirit chooses you, not the other way around. All you have to do is find it…

  3. Clint Varnam says:

    Mine would have to be the Wolf, because I am a bit of a loner and I have an Iron Will, just like the wolf.

  4. Jill says:

    My spirit animal is without a doubt the panda. This is probably because I’m a rare and dying breed, like the panda. The panda is nearly extinct and so are many people like me! How am I you may be asking yourselves? I’m wild, loud and all over the place and a lot of people are stuck being too uptight now a days.
    viva spirit animals.
    viva wild children.

  5. Christina says:

    The Spirithood that best fits my inner spirit animal is the leopard – I’m adaptable, solitary at times and fierce! I’m self-confident but reserved, and I love having freedom to roam. Above all, I have a strong affinity to the leopard because of my precognitive dreams and artistic vision. The leopard of Central America was one of the animals most revered by my native ancestors.

  6. Amanda says:

    My perfect Spirithood is the Red Wolf. I’m a free spirit that was born to roam forests, swamps,and coastal prairies.

  7. Brandon Boucher says:

    I have been going back and fourth about what is my inner animal… and it really got me thinking about me. I was battling between Wolf and Lion…(these are hoods I know you have) Then I went on your website to see what hoods would best depict my inner animal. Oh i found my inner animal spirit…… NASTY RABBIT = ME!!

    Why am I the nasty rabbit. I am a shaggy/rugged/nasty guy…. I am a dirty dubstep dj who drops nasty/grimy tunes all over SF, Tahoe, Reno…. This animal is sooo me… I am very out spoken and not afraid to get nasty in a situation. I am full of energy. Weather I am bouncing around like a rabbit while djing… or on the dancefloor…

  8. mariam says:

    My inner spirit animal is definitely the fox, for its ability to adapt with different situations but still have its own personally and individuality. And intelligence.. of course!