White Denim gets a Make-under at Singer22.com!

12:29 PM


If you never thought you'd see yourself in white denim,  I'm suddenly thinking you'll reconsider! Enter the Rickie Boyfriend Jeans from 7 for all Mankind; immediately I'm pairing them with everything else I own, totally versatile and you know I love that! We've all been in love with Seven for years now and as the saying goes: Why fix something if it isn't broken?! There is a reason they've remained a celeb fave and I have to admit, mine still remain in regular rotation. Their styles are easy and you know you're getting quality denim with this label.

Looks like 7 for all Mankind brings back what I'm officially calling the style of 2009, yes girls boyfriend jeans! White denim gets what I'm calling a make-under and I'm thinking they've never looked better. Kourtney Kardashian steps out post-baby in her Rickie Jeans, and her platforms give them a little sophistication without even trying. All celebs love 7 for all Mankind and all signs point to Singer22.com – Your source for summer denim and all that you need to perfect your unique style!

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