White Out

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No, this is not an advertisement for that nifty solution we use to cover our mistakes and no, this is thankfully not an upsetting weather update.

It is time for you to confront your fears about ruining your white clothing during your lunch break and dismiss the notion that only waifs can wear white denim, because this season you must try the WHITE OUT trend!

When fully realized, wearing a dominantly white ensemble wakes your face up and creates a light air around you – unlike sometimes-dreary, yet always chic, black which, while slimming, has the tendency to be more harsh. And speaking of “harsh”, I'm sure there are some of you that have similar words to describe the resulting look of someone above a certain size in white pants. Prepare to eat your words.

She's renowned for her curves and her thighs most definitely touch. Tell me these two looks don't look clean and nearly effortless:

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian – Exhibit A

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian - Exhibit B

Whitewashed Kim Kardashian – Exhibit B

Now that we've gotten out of the way the fact that curvy or petite ladies can't wear head-to-toe white, there's the issue of the color's various tints and shades pairing well with one another. Some have argued that cream and stark white simply cannot be mixed, that white against itself may wash the wearer out or, worse yet, look totally outdated. NOT SO! The above examples are proof that Snow, Ivory, Beige, and Cream can coexist harmoniously and in some ways enhance one another creating a faceted look – much like a diamond. The gem is transparent but reflects different colors to create a sublime effect. Is Kim's style not a similar case?

Now, this is not to say that a completely stark white outfit is out of the question. The following few stars also opted for this matchy-matchy style but added fun details to disrupt the monotony. Whether it was a bold pink lip and mani like Solange, a charming pair of flats and black accessories like Lily, or different textures and metallic additions like Nicole, all these girls knew exactly how to work this originally thought-to-be-unworkable trend.

Solange Knowles - Heavenly in White

Solange Knowles – Heavenly in White

Lily Aldridge - White, Black, and Cute all over!

Lily Aldridge – White, Black, and Cute all over!

Nicole Richie - Rock & Roll & White

Nicole Richie – Rock & Roll & White

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