Who What Wear ‘What Was She Wearing?’ Daily Special Singer 22 Edition!

2:32 PM

We know our WhoWhatWearDaily.com readers have an insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest celebrity styles, so in the hopes of satisfying your voracious hunger, today we have a bonus installment of What Was She Wearing. This fast fashion update, courtesy of the lovely folks at Singer 22, features some fantastic spring styles, as seen on Hilary Duff, Kate Moss, Nicky Hilton, and Lauren Conrad.

If you like shift dresses but fear that the simple lines could seem stale, Nikka’s Multicolor Stripe Dress in Navy ($350) will quell those anxieties. As seen on Hilary Duff, above far left, the frock is anything but plain, thanks to a psychedelic print and stone beading. It’s also available in a fantastic cherry and saffron color. Moving right along to a tougher look, we have Kate Moss wearing her much loved Mike & Chris Kian Donovan Leather Jacket in Black ($775) with the celebrity must-have Kova & T Oxy Leggings ($125). By wearing the two together Miss Moss accomplishes the season’s punk look in her typical glorious style.

Another item that’s practically a required purchase for fashionable (and famous) feet? Why gladiator sandals of course! Nicky Hilton modeled a perfectly on-point pair recently with her choice of Matt Bernson’s KM Gladiators ($175). Singer 22 is the exclusive retailer for these dynamite spring shoes in black leather with a black sole, a la Nicky. We’ll finish off this additional WWSW with one of our favorite key accessories for spring—the lightweight scarf—as modeled by Lauren Conrad. The Hills star added the Lovequotes Marina Scarf for a beautiful blue burst of color to her otherwise classic outfit.

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