Wild about Wildfox

6:09 PM

Have you seen all the Wildfox that has arrived? I have been DYING! All day yesterday we shot Wildfox. There was literally not one moment of the day where I wasn't throwing on a bright neon color worn in t-shirt with a pair of jean shorts. There is nothing that makes me more happy, I have always been in love with wildfox but seeing all their new summer t-shirts really gets me excited. I love how they aren't afraid to be bold with their neons and crazy sayings. The hot pinks, yellows, bright reds, blues, they are so much fun and clearly make you look amazing with a tan. I would definitely wear one the muscle tank tops with jean shorts and a belt and heels out at night, but if not to go out in, these are the perfect shirts to just hang out in and go to the beach. I already bought my cozy wildfox neon yellow sweatshirt for the summer, so I'm thinking about going hot pink with a tank top. If Wildfox can be wild with their colors, so can I.

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