Wildfox – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

11:38 AM

No one wants to wear their heart on their sleeve, but wearing a pink sparkly heart on your shirt is another story. Wildfox Couture is a fun and funky line of vintage-inspired knitwear. Created by childhood friends, the collection tells a story of their generation and friendship. The young designers quickly established a cult following, thanks to tee shirts and sweats with an obvious old school rock and roll vibe.


Wildfox appeals to Hollywood’s young starlets with their cool motifs that are both sweet and sexy. Cindy Lauper’s prolific lyrics, “Girls just wanna have fun,” may as well be the anthem for the collection. Keeping in the spirit of “Chic” rocker tees, Fergie is both working, and working out in her Le Freak C’est Chic deep-V. Ashley and Audrina both love their Love Potion #9 shirt, in either Neon pink or Dirty White. Since Wildfox has given you a taste of their Love Potion, it’s officially time to spread the word- on your top. Whether you’re a Love Child, love the French Boys, or love all the Boys, be assured, you’re covered. And if you’re feeling loveable all over, cheerful designs are plentiful. Kiss Me Sweatpants, Seeing Stars smiling sweatshirts, and the Raglan Roses ¾ tee Whitney wears, will have all hearts go pitter pat.


Wildfox also conveys their message of peace, love, and happiness through animals, animal prints, and a love of Native American artwork. Cropped Tigers tees, Baby Leopard short sleeves, and Cheetah spots are definitely going to make all the boys grooowl. Turn your back and give a “shout out,” Paws Off to keep them at bay! If you’re feeling really brave, go full length in the Indian Brave maxi dress. But that’s after trying to keep the Peace. And if all else fails, do like Audrina, and just let them know Wildfox was here….

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