With a Rebel Yell, More More More

12:22 PM
Get Your Rebel Yell Tees & Hoodies at Singer22.com


Rebel Yell tees and hoodies reflect the childhood nostalgia of designer Andi Ballard, who grew up rowdy in the late 70s and early 80s. For those of you who weren't even born yet, now is your chance to wear what your mom, aunt, or legal guardian may have worn. So if you're using an adult's credit card to get your Rebel Yell, fair warning — that card holder may say, “I'm not spending money on a tee shirt that looks like what I used to wear.” Or they will say “OMG, Rebel Yell is totally cool, I want to get one too!” Odds are very good that the response will be the latter.

All ages love the super soft cotton and circa 70s'-80s' inspired silk screened graphics that have put Rebel Yell tees, hoodies, and leggings in a class unto themselves. Rebell Yell Tees are great worn with your favorite denim, and the Rebel Yell hoodie makes a cozy second layer for fall. Celebrity style icons Ashley Tisdale, Ashlee Simpson, and Nicky Hilton have all been seen wearing Rebel Yell… when will you be seen wearing yours?

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