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Singer22 Exclusive Interview with Designer Kimberly Taylor!

4:32 PM

Exlcusive Interview by Tiffany Lee (SSA NY)

I found clothing designer Kimberly Taylor  hard at work in her NYC showroom and was fortunate enough to sit down with her to get the inside scoop!  Kimberly Taylor is a designer known for her beautiful silk pieces, she really knows how to cater to all the New York City women and to every other girl out there!  Get to know her through our exclusive interview where we got to chat about her clothing line and more!

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Season of the Donna Mizani Party Dress – 365 Days a Year at Singer22.com!

11:25 AM


There's no such thing as too many party dresses this year, and with hot designer Donna Mizani on board, Singer22.com is speaking my language! The Hills may be over but the girls are only getting started. Kristin Cavallari even rocked the Donna Mizani One Shoulder Cut-out Dress in Black (sorry not pictured) for a night on the town. Mini dresses are the perfect way to show off your gorgeous legs and I cannot get enough of them – ever. Donna Mizani knows how to keep her designs classic but make no mistake, her dresses definitely have attitude. The color palettes remains pretty neutral, which is good if you plan on wearing yours over and over again. I am in love with the Donna Mizani Lace Dress in Black and like any true fashion lover can think of atleast five way to style this one! Insert the B-Low the Belt Gilles Belt in Nude/Silver, or throw on one of the to-die-for cropped jackets from Doma; two of my picks that make amazing wardrobe additions. Nothing like leather and lace girls!

Now let's talk the cut out back, because this has got to be the most underrated style, and it's definitely got the boys talking! Check out the Donna Mizani Open Back Dress (shown in blue above) and you just might need to have one – like now. Young Hollywood follows suit when it comes to going backless and this style has graduated from the red carpet to the street in no time! Blake Lively wears a wardrobe we droll over on Gossip Girl but she's totally xoxo for backless styles in real life too!

If you're looking for something to give you a few more curves up top, the Donna Mizani Cowl Neck Tunic with Cut-out Sequin Back may be the fashion secret you never knew until now. Shown on the model above, it can play anywhere from a bit edgy to completely elegant, depending on your accessories and hairstyle.

Singer22.com knows what we want and they've got it when we want it. This site's become a celeb hotspot for what your fave designers got coming down their pipeline. I'll be the first to admit Singer22.com nails it everytime! Pick out your favorite party dress from the same site Young Hollywood loves and you're one step closer to celeb style! Skip celeb taxi cab etiquette though and don't forget your boyshorts, Singer22.com's got you covered!

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