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SINGER22 Featured on Denimology

1:18 PM
(As featured on Denimology.com)

Are they checking out Denimology for the newest of the new jeans, or is Denimology checking out SINGER22 for the newest of the new jeans?!? No matter what the answer, it WORKS! At least, I can say that whenever I want to know which celeb is wearing what jeans, what t-shirt, what anything, instead of going to gossip websites and search and search and search, just one click on SINGER22 gives me instant gratification (i.e., an answer!). Whenever I am curious to see what’s the latest denim style that a particular brand comes out with, SINGER22 is guaranteed to have them in stock already.

I am just baffled by how they – founder and CEO Jon Singer, and Alicia, co-founder and Jon’s wife – do this! How is it that they are ALWAYS – not just once in a while – but literally ALWAYS ahead of everybody else?!!?

Check out the full interview here:  (more…)

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