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Behind The Scenes: Holiday Photo Shoot

11:05 AM

Here's a quick behind the scenes look at our holiday photo shoot with our models Samantha, Amanda and Paige. We're all about black (obviously), statement jewelry, lace and sparkles this holiday season. Shop some of the items featured in the video: (more…)

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Rachel’s Radar: Spring Cleaning!

12:00 AM

Luckily, spring is almost upon us! Spring cleaning is my favorite thing to do when the weather starts to warm up. It feels great to empty out my closet and organize myself, which makes me feel lighter all around. Plus, cleaning out my closet means more room for new clothes, and who doesn't want that?!

One of my go-to spring essentials is always a fresh white V-neck tee by Monrow. It's easy for whites to turn yellow from season to season and nothing feels dirtier to me than a slightly yellow tee that's meant to be white. Make sure to stock your closets with plenty of white tees that you can easily grab in a hurry to match any outfit. (more…)

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Summer Fun

11:00 AM

SINGER22 will have you completely ready for fun in the sun with this cutout neon dress by REVERSE and this Motel Rocks Twix Jumpsuit

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Raving Rompers

9:00 AM

Jumpsuits & Rompers are all the rage this summer and you don't have to be a celebrity or fashion blogger to pull off this stylish, easy look. Just click the links below to score raving romper style:

Feel The Piece Halter Jumpsuit // Motel Rocks Amanda // Brian Lichtenberg // Emerson Thorpe // Rory Beca Hooka Wrap // Feel The Piece Pump Jump

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Pomp and Circumstance

8:00 AM

Halston Heritage is changing the way we think when hearing the words "evening attire." With colors, pleats and even jumpsuits, playings dress up has never felt more fun and elegant at the same time. 

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3, 2, 1 Shoulder Dresses

9:15 AM

One shoulder dresses for the 3, 2, 1 countdown: Robert Rodriguez Jumpsuit ::: Feel The Piece Angel ::: Brian Lichtenberg Patchwork ::: Rory Beca Tempest

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