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Personalize Your iPhone Case…With Tape?

12:54 PM

My mom always jokes that I'm an 80-year-old woman (no disrespect!) stuck in a 22-year-old body and, to an extent, I don't disagree. I'm all about DIY projects and crafting unique, adorable items I find online through completely random blogs. I get bored pretty quickly after having the same nail color on for more than a week, keeping the same phone case on for months, etc. Example: I bought a new iPhone case three days ago and I'm already done with it.

Look out for a cool and simple DIY iPhone case that no one else will have after the jump! (more…)

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Get Those Moves Like Jagger

8:00 AM

Nothing beats a chick with a chic Iphone cover and thanks to Jagger Edge there are plenty of fun, cool options to pick from. 

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Express Yourself

10:41 AM

In Case your drop your phone, or In Case of a water spill…. In Case of life's little unexpected mishaps: INCASE

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