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People StyleWatch Shop

1:01 PM

SINGER22 Style is so hot right now that it's popping up in all sorts of media outlets, including People StyleWatch!

Leann Rimes took a romantic stroll on the beach in her hot Beach Bunny Bikini bod. Beach Bunny Swimwear fits so well and hits the sweet spot in all the right places.

Kristin Cavallari was spotted playing ping pong in her Singer22 Loves Me Tee. This tee is a perfect throw and go top that can be worn with cut offs, jeans or even a hot choice for the gym or those summer sporting activities.

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Celebs Know Who ♥’s Them!

1:57 PM

These days celebs are totally wearing their heart on their sleeve…orrrr the front of their shirt.  Close enough, right?  Either way, these stars definitely know who loves them; Singer22!  And we LOVE seeing them in their Singer22 Loves Me Tees.  Check out who is wearing them here and after the jump:

Tori SpellingSinger22 Loves Me Scoop Neck Tee in Cream

Catt SadlerSinger22 Loves Me Long Sleeve Tee in Black/Pink

Denise RichardsSinger22 Loves Me Long Sleeve Tee in Black/Pink

Don't worry, Singer22 loves you, too!  These hot conversations tees are available in many more colors, so you can show off who loves you however you want.  Grab yours at Singer22 today!

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