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Vintage: Your Grandma Used to be Cool Too

11:15 AM

New York City I LOVE vintage everything. The idea of a vintage piece that has stood the test of time and lived to tell a story about it fascinates me. The garments and accessories from past decades reflect the mood of the people, the advancement in technology, political drama and social standards. Through time loosened whale bone corsets, shorter hemlines, burned bras, acid wash jeans, and men with lipstick have become socially acceptable, though not without controversy and drama.

Why the constant push for change? Because fashion loves drama, drama is entertainment, and entertainment is money. After all, it’s money that makes the world go ‘round. And although past trends may resurface there is always a new modern twist. Fashion will continue to push social boundaries so long as people can be offended and technology advances.  (more…)

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Let Out Your Inner Rockstar

10:57 AM


I've always loved the whole rocker-chic look but I don't exactly own a lot of pieces that could contribute to this look so I normally stick to my usual tee and jeans. Whenever I see people with an edgy outfit that still looks girly and stylish, I get so jealous and wish I I could throw something together so easily. Anyway, I put together a few items to create different rocker-chic type looks. 

It's a necessity to have a cool jacket to complete a look.

  1. VEDA Julian Moto Jacket
  2. RUNWAYDREAMZ x Levis Studded Icon Jacket
  3. Simone Leather Jacket with Studs


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Fly Like An Eagle

9:00 AM

Fly like an eagle with UNIF's Americana Jacket

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Sizzling Summer

8:00 AM

Have an all American summer with UNIF

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An American Girl

10:00 AM

Take it easy baby, this sweat will last you all summer: UNIF Flag Religion Sweater

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The New All-American Girl

11:30 AM

They're busting out rocker-chic all-American style one piece at a time: UNIF

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Raise Hell

8:17 AM

Spotted: BeacuseI'mAddicted blogging the UNIF Hellraiser's. We can't get enough of these '90s grungy chic slippers. Now available in leopard! 

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Turn Or Burn

3:23 PM
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Raise Hell

10:30 AM

Loving all of the new UNIF pieces arriving every day at SINGER22. Show 'em you mean business with UNIF's Hell Raisers in black. 

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Walking In A Red Hot Wonderland

8:57 AM
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