On Our Radar: Winter White

12:06 PM

Winter WhiteMany of you might believe you aren't supposed to (or can't pull off) white during the winter season, but we're here to tell you otherwise, ladies. Winter white is a huge trend right now, especially among our favorite celebrities.

Yes, white can be a tricky shade to wear, but look on the bright side, most of us already own numerous pieces in this neutral shade so go shopping in your own closet…and obviously treat yourself to new items, too!

You can incorporate white into your everyday wardrobe, it's not just reserved for nighttime events anymore. Opt for jeans from , blazers by Elizabeth and James, and sweaters from Minnie Rose.

Celebrites Winter WhiteBrighten up this dull, grey winter with sophisticated tones of cream, oyster and eggshell. Do not try to match your shades of white or else you'll drive yourself crazy. Embrace the subtle differences! Be sure to use different textures and fabrics, too.

Would you rock the winter white trend?

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