Trend of the Week: Sequins

12:56 PM

Ways to Wear

Hello holidays! Break out those sequins and get ready to celebrate the holiday season with some sparkle…and champagne. If you've ever felt reluctant to wear sequins, there's no better time than now, so we came up with four different ways you can wear sequins this season. Check it out after the jump!

One of the easiest ways to rock the sequins is in the form of a dress like this from Dress The Population. All you really need is the dress and shoes and you're set! And don't worry, you most definitely won't look like a walking disco ball.


Dresses aren't your thing? Opt for a sequin crop top with a simple high-waisted skirt and strappy heels like these by Tibi. If you're looking to tone it down even more and create a sophisticated ensemble, try a Parker Beaded Blazer with coated denim and a simple tee or blouse.

Don't be fooled by the girly connotation of sequins. If you're a little edgier and not so much into ribbons and bows, add an IRO Leather Jacket to sequin shorts with opaque tights. It will create the perfect balance of girly and rocker-chic.

How do you wear sequins?

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