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Hidden Wedge Sneaker

Everyone has their favorite piece of clothing and mine is shoes…that's considered clothing, right? I've always dreamed of having a ginormous walk-in closet dedicated to my beautiful shoes. Someday I'll fulfill my dream, but for now I'll enjoy what I have, which is a miniature, dark closet that I cannot walk into. I dont necessarily have a favorite style of shoe but I really do love wedges. Wedges = comfort and I'm all about the comfort.

We recently got in the Jeffrey Campbell Venice Hidden Wedge Sneaker. Let's just all take a moment to appreciate these babies. Getting back on track…a wedge and a sneaker?! These shoes are so stylish and creative that I can't help not to fall in love. The Venice Hidden Wedge is also great for all types of girls. Obviously everyone has their own style and I think these fit into every category.

The wedge height is 3 inches, which is a perfect (not too high) wedge for everyday wear. The fact that it's hidden in a sneaker makes the shoe a lot more casual, but you still feel dressy and stylish because of the wedge.

Before I buy a pair of shoes I always try (keyword try) to figure out how much use I'll really get out of them. I'm on that whole "save money buy only what you need" kick. I think these shoes are so versatile and you can honestly get so much wear out of them. They look awesome with just about anything but my favorite combo is when they are paired with super skinny jeans like J Brand Super Skinny Legging

What do you think about the Jeffrey Campbell Hidden Wedge?

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