We Can’t Get Enough of Metallic Cap Toes!

9:44 AM


Earlier in the season we started seeing a few shoes hitting the scene that had one thing in common: metallic cap toes. We recently got in tons of shoes that carry on this trend and I love it!

If you aren't into heels, we have sneakers. If you don't want anything too girly, we have platform booties. If you want something more sophisticated, try our suede pump! There's something for everyone. I think a metallic cap toe adds a little something extra to an otherwise ordinary pair of shoes. It gives bit a edge and makes a statement.


Yesterday, I fell in love with these Penelope and Coco Jamison Ankle Boots. They are so cool and laid back. I think the shape of them is awesome and it looks like the type of shoe that will look better as you wear them. Plus, the metalic leather cap toe is distressed so it almost looks crackled (can be noticed more in person). Emma Roberts was pictured wearing these lovely boots and she's not the only one who loves them! Everyone here at SINGER22 was not shy about their opinions of the Jamison Ankle Boot. Love love love!

What do you think of the metallic cap toe trend?

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