Everyday Makeup Tutorial Using ONLY Drugstore Products!

12:02 PM

Our favorite beauty blogger, Teni of MissMaven, is at it again with her latest makeup tutorial. All the girls here at SINGER22 love watching her videos every Thursday because the makeup looks Teni create are stunning! We watch her videos over and over trying to figure out how she applies beautiful makeup with such ease…and also because we have a slight girl crush.

This week Teni created a natural, everyday look using products found at local drugstores. Let's face it: we spend tons of money on our makeup. The best part about Teni's video is that all the products used (except one) is less than ten dollars! All the products used above added up to almost the cost of one higher-end product.

There are tons of little treasures at drugstores but sometimes it's just hard to know what to buy/what will work well. All the products used in this week's tutorial look flawless on Teni's skin and the finished look is really versatile and fresh.

For a full list of products used, click here!

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