Learn How To Create a Natural, Everyday Makeup Look!

12:59 PM

Unfortunately, I don't possess the skills to master perfect makeup. I also don't have a makeup artist at my fingertips (wishful thinking) so I always find myself searching YouTube for makeup tutorials to get some ideas and tips. My go-to makeup tutorials come from Teni Panosian of the beauty blog Miss Maven.

Teni shows how to create a really easy and versatile look that's ideal for any girl's everyday life. It's natural and not too harsh but she uses a bubblegum-colored blush and Dior Lip Glow (amazing product!) that add a pinch of color. Plus, the concoction of tinted moisturizer, foundation and highlighting cream creates a dewy look that makes her skin look flawless. Ms. Panosian can do no wrong in my book. She can rub dirt, mud or grass all over her face and still look beautiful.

I also love the fact Teni uses a lot of brushes that are completely affordable. For instance, her Bdellium Tools blending eyeshadow brush #776 costs just under $8! We all know makeup brushes can cost tons of money, but Bdellium Tools has really affordable brushes that are handmade and custom tailored in their California factory.

For the full list of products used in this tutorial click here!

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