Meeting Simon Spurr

11:23 AM

Meet SPURR, a contemporary menswear collection with a modern and vintage aesthetic. Get ready to be impressed by this new designer and his inspiring video.

It was denim that launched the career of Simon Spurr, designer of SPURR. Four and a half years ago, the collection was launched with 4 pairs of jeans. Since then, more jeans have been added to the collection.

How does Simon find inspiration for his collection? He does one thing: “Have my eyes open at all times.” He does exactly that! Simon takes British elegance and creates pieces that exemplifies the modern man.

Simon does not design clothes for the sake of design; he takes into consideration the consumers' wants, needs, and what will benefit them. Who knew this designer could be so consumer-friendly!?

One Hollywood consumer who is a big fan of SPURR is Zac Efron.  Zac was seen wearing SPURR Pipe Jean 3D Rigid Denim in Indigo for the Charlie St. Cloud press junket at Marina Del Rey, California this past summer.  He kept  it cool and casual during the summer heat with a simple black cotton v-neck tee. He's also been spotted rocking these jeans while running some errands around Los Angeles.

Oh, and Kellan Lutz also happens to be a fan of the SPURR Pipe Jean 2 Year Wash Denim in Indigo. This guy knows how to travel in style!

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