“Under the Sea” with Vanessa Mooney’s Summer ’13 Collection

11:15 AM

Vanessa Mooney Just when we thought Vanessa Mooney did it all, she channeled her inner bohemian, beach bum to create the all new Summer 2013 “Under the Sea” collection. You won't find Ariel's trinkets here. No, this mermaid has gone rogue covered in bright golds and silvers adorned with crystals and edgy jewels.

The designer has created undeniably beautiful pieces that belong in every wardrobe. They are versatile and fun since you can easily to mix and match with items you already own. Don't even worry about over accessorizing because the more you layer and stack these pieces, the cooler they look.

Vanessa MooneyInstantly take any outfit to the next level with Vanessa Mooney's “Under the Sea” collection. Of course, you may wear these necklaces, bracelets and rings on their own, but layer them together for the ultimate transformation. If you're heading to the beach or pool, stack on a few bracelets or layer a couple of necklaces to add a little spice to a simple bikini. These crystals will shine in the sun making you the center of attention.


Nicky HiltonWe aren't the only ones in love with this collection. Nicky Hilton and Kylie Jenner are both feeling the natural vibes of the ocean. Nicky Hilton wears the Lightening In The Sky necklace, earrings and bracelet as a statement piece to complete her ensemble. These glamorous pendants are made with Swarovski crystals.

Celebrities The Lightening In The Sky pieces offer the right amount of shine and boldness to dress up a casual outfit or tame an edgy one. For a look similar to Nicky's pictured above, try a Patterson J Kincaid leather vest with a lovers + friends knit tank dress and booties.

Kylie JennerFree-spirited Kylie Jenner adds a touch of rocker-chic to her flower headpiece and top with the Small Venus necklace. Want Kylie's look? Try a similar turband by Gold Saturn with a show me your MuMu top.

Vanessa Mooney continues to create beautiful and unique accessories. Vanessa designs everything in her Los Angeles studio using unconventional techniques. Her style can be described as a rock-n-roll, boho-chic with a “model off duty” attitude. Vanessa's inspirations come from different cultures and parts of the world as she is an avid traveler.

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