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A Continuous Lean’s Michael Williams Loves Red Wing

5:36 pm

Red Wing

Photo credit: GQ

One blog to add to your Google Reader is A Continuous Lean. Founded by Michael Williams in 2007, it serves as a place for those who appreciate fine quality and style. Williams was recently interviewed by GQ for his top ten essentials. What made the list? Red Wing boots, obviously. (more…)

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Recreate Celebrity Style – Easily!

11:59 am

CelebrityIt can be a bit tricky to dress with style if you don’t exactly know what to wear with what. It’s easy enough to get inspiration from all the pictures of celebrities floating around the Internet. The only problem is most of the time it’s hard to tell what they are wearing or where to buy it. That’s where we come in. Here are three celebrities with a cool, laid back style that is so easy to recreate. (more…)

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Get to Know: Burkman Bros

12:00 am

Burkman Bros Get to Know

1. What is the inspiration behind Burkman Brothers?

Our love of travel bears a strong influence in the Burkman Bros collection. Each season we travel to a new and different destination in the world which serves as inspiration for the collection.  We love to really get into the heart of a place, to find out what makes a destination special.  We often seek out vintage and local textiles, as we incorporate these various prints and fabric treatments into our collection.  Burkman Bros fuses a casual American sensibility with a well-traveled point of view.  Our bold prints, original bespoke fabrics and classic menswear essentials emphasize originality, style, comfort and ease. 

2. How involved are you guys in the creative process?

We are wholeheartedly involved.  The brand would not exist if we were not.

3. What do you see for the future of Burkman Brothers?

Our brand is lifestyle-driven.  For example, we’d love to develop an amazing accessories collection – bags, sunglasses, footwear etc…

4. We hear that you guys are world travelers. What is your favorite place to go, and what inspired you there?

We just returned from Bangkok.  We love Bangkok because it is a bustling city that is a bold mix of the exotic and the familiar, the old and the new, the discovered and the yet-to-be found.  Bangkok has all of the elements that made for a remarkable inspiration trip.  

Burkman Bros

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