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“10 Essentials: David Hart” by

6:32 pm

David Hart

GQ tapped David Hart for their 10 Essentials this week. Read the full article and knot up with Mr. Hart here


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3:27 pm fantasy football

Grungy Gentleman and teamed up to create a fantasy football league with a whole bunch of familiar faces. Our money is on CEO Jon Singer to take home the prize! Burkman Bros, Del Toro, and Kiel James Patrick are just a few of the other teams. Check out each squad on the GQ Eye.

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“Camo Crazy” by Refinery29

12:16 am

camouflage trend

Refinery29 and Grungy Gentleman picked out some killer camouflage product for this season. We made the list twice via Rogue and Sundek!


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“Wrist Wars” by Refinery29

3:30 pm

Refinery29 Wrist wars Burkman Bros Jace Lipstein Grungy Gentleman

Hey, we know that guy. And we know where to get his Burkman Bros x SINGER22 bracelets!!!

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Cargo Crazy!

8:59 pm

chris evans j brand

Slim-fitting cargo pants are the new craze. Check out Chris Evans, Joe Jonas, and Gerard Butler rocking J Brand, while Colin Egglesfield poses in Rogue. Check out our Superdry cargos also!


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Rogue feature in Maxim

11:59 pm

Rogue Tees as featured in Maxim

Rogue‘s sublime t-shirts and tank tops were featured in a totally rad shoot for Maxim! You can scoop the gear as seen in the editorial here.


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Q&A: Sean Hotchkiss of The GQ Eye

10:59 am

Sean Hotchkiss, better known as the voice of The GQ Eye is an aficionado of fashion knowledge. Here at SINGER22, we were fortunate enough to pick Sean’s brain about double-breasted blazers, the surf/baja movement, golf, and more. We really respect someone who can bring it. AND Sean surely can.

SINGER22 kicks it with Mr. GQ Eye, Sean Hotchkiss below…


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PAPER MAGAZINE: Grungy Gentleman x Kiel James Patrick

3:57 pm

Grungy Gentleman x Kiel James Patrick has been labeled by Paper Magazine as the ‘perfect’ belt for summer. We happen to agree! Scoop yours here.

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Burkman Bros x SINGER22

1:02 am

Burkman Bros x SINGER22 was recently mentioned in GQ. Why? Because they are the ‘it-bracelets’ of the summer. Kanye West even rocked a slew of Burkman Bros wristwear at Coachella! Cop your bracelets here.


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GQ x Grungy Gentleman: Burkman Bros x SINGER22 Exclusives

1:51 pm

Sean Hotchkiss of the GQ Eye and Grungy Gentleman caught up with the Burkman Bros to find out the scoop on our exclusive bracelets. Check out the full article. Get Burkman Bros x SINGER22 here!

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