Canada Goose Helps the Conservation of Polar Bears – We’re in.

9:30 am

Polar Bears International (PBI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the conservation of polar bears. PBI is the world’s leading polar bear conservation group. They save polar bears habitat by saving their sea ice habitat.

Canada Goose is now getting involved by creating the Polar Bears International Collection. To make their outerwear even better, Canada Goose has added the PBI logo and signature blue color to all items of the Polar Bears International Collection to show support of the conservation of polar bear habitats.

Canada Goose says of the Polar Bears International Collection:

With this goal in mind, together with PBI we have developed a Canada Goose PBI Collection. A portion of proceeds from the sale of each of these signature royal blue parkas, jackets and accessories goes directly to supporting scientific research by PBI and the preservation of polar bear habitats.

Canada GooseThe Canada Goose PBI Lodge Hoody is a must-have for backcountry activities because it folds up into its inner pocket creating a comfortable pillow. In addition, it has a double-layer windproof shell, adjustable tunnel hood, two hand pockets, internal pockets for easy storage and more.

Canada Goose is a favorite among celebrities like Andrew Garfield, Ryan Reynolds and Hayden Christensen. Check out Canada Goose vests, parkas and jackets here.

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