Directly from the Beach to the Bar? We’re in.

11:33 am

What’s better than spending the entire day at the beach or pool day drinking, and then heading to a local bar to continue into the night? Well, nothing, obviously. The only thing that can be semi-annoying about this situation is the fact it’s not exactly socially acceptable to wear boardshorts out at night…unless you’re on spring break.

So what’s the solution to this problem?

That’s where Venroy comes in. With the look of regular shorts, these Venroy’s are suitable for swimming as well. They hit above the knee with a tailored cut that make them great for dinner at the marina, a backyard BBQ or a day full of sandy, beach volleyball…and beer.

The Australian company, started in 2010, combines the ease of swimwear with the laid-back style of chinos. Venroy Swim-Dress Shorts are the ultimate item for any guy’s summer wardrobe. Trust us, you’ll be living in these all summer long so we suggest buying more than one color.

Let us know what you think of these cool Venroy’s.

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