Loafers: A Summer Necessity?

2:00 pm

We hope you’ve been hitting the gym to tone up your winter gut because it’s officially the first day of summer. Break out those boardshorts, tanks and sunglasses from your closet. Obviously shorts, bathing suits and tees are the summer essentials when it comes to clothing, but did you ever think you’d want to wear loafers in the hot summer sun? SWIMS loafers, however, will have you thinking twice.

Whether you’re out boating, pool hopping or surfing the waves, SWIMS will definitely benefit your beloved feet. Constructed of their signature rubber, SWIMS are completely waterproof making them a perfect option for a go-to summer shoe. Plus, they have non marking soles that we know all our boaters will appreciate and, of course, anti-slip grip so rest assured you won’t be doing a split any time soon…unless you want to. SWIMS are lined with anti-bacterial mesh and are machine washable.

Bottom line: if you don’t own a pair of these loafers, you should. Get on it.

Here are some other awesome items you need for summer:

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