Red Wing Remakes Their Iconic 877 & 875 Models. Welcome Red Wing Heritage.

9:19 am

As if Red Wing Shoes weren’t already awesome, they’ve redesigned two of their iconic styles, the 877 & 875 models. Don’t worry though because they are virtually the same but so much better. Red Wing simply changed each model’s upper leather construction. The original “Oro Legacy” leather and hardware that was used more than 50 years ago, when the boots were first introduced, are being used on the new Red Wing Heritage models.

The 877 and 875 styles, like all Red Wing Shoes, will be made in the U.S.A. Here’s what Red Wing has to say about the remake of these classic boots:

“Oro Legacy represents durability, eye appealing, healthful properties—it breathes—molds readily to the shape of the foot, and because it is natural (non-pigmented finish) all of nature’s beauty marks are visible and representative of heavyweight U.S. cattle hides. Consumers also can expect color variation because of the natural, unfinished method of production. The amount and type of oil used by the tannery was a critical component in the development of both the color and feel.  A rich, oily feel was historically perceived as a signature property of Red Wing shoes and boots.”

We’re not the only ones who are obsessed with these must-have boots. Esquire, A Continuous Lean, HYPEBEAST and a ton more style blogs have featured the Red Wing Heritage boots. Bottom line: get a pair now.

Shop these Red Wing Shoes here.

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