What Your Shoes Say About You

11:08 am

You know when a girl is eying you from head to toe and you can feel her analyzing and judging? Well, I’m not here to comfort you. We are. We are judging and analyzing everything from your hairdo (“he must be due for a cut soon”), to the half un-tucked shirt (“Is that a mistake? Does he think that looks good?”), to your shoes. Shoes can say more about your personality than any other article of clothing. 


1. Sky-Top Sneakers: Supras. You’ve got a sense of humor and you’re laid back.


2. Tassel Loafers: SWIMS. Classic and mature with a modern take. You’re a man who’s comfortable with himself, reliable and you know what you want. You have a fresh take on things but you appreciate tradition, nonetheless.

Red Wing

3. Classic Vintage Boots: Red Wings in Amber Harness. You’re an intellectual. A sensitive man who’s in tune with the feelings of those surrounding you. You drink your coffee black and we can find you with a novel in hand at the locally owned coffee shop, sitting on the worn-in arm chair. Move over to the loveseat so we can chat about who we’re both currently reading.


4. High-Top Sport Loafer: SWIMS. First of all, yes, they exist. They’re the cool alternative to your average loafer and sleeker than a sneaker, but you already knew that, Mr. Cool. You’re edgy, reserved, quick-witted and always one step ahead of the game whether that’s in wardrobe or any aspect of life.


5. Flip Flops: Havaianas. You’re easy going. You don’t care about places with dress codes and have no intention of going anywhere of that nature. We’ll find you relaxing at the beach instead.
6. Patent Dress Shoes. You’re cut throat. Any man who is capable of keeping his shoes that shiny is a man who knows how to walk over things…if you catch my drift.

Red Wing

7. Rugged Worn-In Boots: Red Wing Moc Work Boot in Copper Rough & Tough. You’re a rugged, humble mountain man. You probably have a flannel shirt or two in your closet. A modern day Paul Bunyan. We might catch you chopping wood or collecting maple syrup from tree trunks for those pancakes you’re making your lady (hint hint).


8. Sporty Loafers: SWIMS Laceup Loafers. You are the ultimate prepster. Even on your most casual, laid-back days off you’re still wearing loafers. You have a love for the finer things in life.
9. Running or athletic shoes. I don’t mean cool stylish sneakers. I mean the kind that, unless you’re wearing athletic gear, you just look kind of clueless. You’re probably a nice guy…or an engineer…or something….

Red Wing

10. Black Lace-up Ankle Boots: Red Wings in Black Harness. You’re the boy we’ve been warned to stay away from. You live on the edge, too spontaneous for your own good. No one knows what your next move is, not even you. You’re the muse for a Lana Del Rey song.

Now that you’re slightly more informed, go on and make the impression you originally intended.

Yours truly,


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