Q&A: Ali Fatourechi, Creative Director of Genetic Denim

3:20 pm

Genetic Denim has some of the best denim and chinos in the industry. We are lucky enough to carry them. And after this interview, we now know what to look out for in the future!

SINGER22 kicks it with Creative Director, Ali Fatourechi of Genetic Denim after the jump…

Grungy Gentleman: What kid of guy rocks Genetic Denim?

Ali Fatourechi: A casual but confident guy.

GG: What has been the secret to the brands success?

AF: Staying true to who we are, if our friends don’t wear the jeans I design it doesn’t make the line.

GG: Are you seeing the denim industry getting a bit chino heavy?

AF: A bit, but it challenges you to think out of the box to make denim even stronger.

GG: What clothing lines do you rock with your Genetic Denim?

AF: I rock Hanes t-shirts, Lucien pellat-finet sweaters, Chuck Taylor’s, and vintage jackets.

GG: How would you describe your own style?

AF: Casual chic

GG: What has been your favorite Genetic Denim story?

AF: Where I started and where we are today!

GG: What can we expect next from Genetic Denim?

AF: You can expect some amazing collaborations that are extremely out of the box and unpredictable

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