Q&A with Jon Singer, Founder of SINGER22

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JON SINGER SINGER22 MEN SINGER22 is emerging as a force in the industry. With additional retail locations on the horizon, the launch of menswear and celebrity appearances, SINGER22 has created quite the buzz. Their growth and success starts and ends with the guy in charge, Jon Singer.   Jace Lipstein, Men’s Fashion Director/Grungy Gentleman sits down with Mr. SINGER22, Jon Singer.

Grungy Gentleman: How would you describe the SINGER22 brand and how has it evolved? 

Jon Singer: The SINGER22 brand is the ‘go-to’ place for a fashion pick-me-up. It’s a site to find new up and coming designers. We give our customers something exciting and new every day of the week. 

GG: How has your wife Alicia played a role in the company’s success? 

JS: Alicia is SINGER22! If it was not for the team effort between Alicia and I there would not be SINGER22. Alicia has a talent that I have never seen anyone else possess. She has an eye to pick out the next hottest trend before it’s even on anyone’s radar. She has had a passion for fashion since the day I met her when she was 18 years old. 

GG: What are your plans for SINGER22 Man? 

JS: We have big plans for SINGER22 for men. Since we launched SINGER22 for women back in 2003, I was jealous that my wife could just walk in and outfit herself. We have such an incredible place for women to shop and I wanted to bring the same type of excitement to the men’s side of the business. There is really nowhere for me or any of the guys in my area to shop. I wanted to create a one-stop-shop for guys to visit weekly or once a month. They could pick up some key wardrobe pieces and infuse some real style into there wardrobe. My brother Adam was always on the men’s side of the business and the two of us would always say, why don’t we do for men what Alicia and I have done for women? We started doing our research on men’s fashion several months back and kept seeing this guy called Grungy Gentleman getting a lot of attention in the industry and really liked his angle on menswear. I said let’s see if we can get this guy in and see if there is something we can do together to really build SINGER22 for men. After meeting Jace, we felt we all shared the same vision and brought him on board as the Men’s Fashion Director for SINGER22. 

GG: How important is content in regards to selling product? 

JS: ‘Content is King.’ It is one thing to have great product, but to have a story to tell about the products and designers who create them is golden. I’m really excited because we will be launching our new CATCH22MANBLOG very shortly, which will be filled with insane content. I really think this will be one of the best blogs for male fashion. It will be the man’s daily, go-to for fashion like CNBC is for the investor. 

GG: How would you describe your own style? 

JS: My style is very casual and consistent. When I find a tee shirt or a great jean I love, I buy in bulk. My day is so hectic and when I find a look I love and feel comfortable in, I stick to it. 

GG: What are 3 items (clothing/accessory) that you cannot live without? 

JS: My Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket, RayBan Silver Mirror Aviators, and my Nudie Jeans. 

GG: What is the theme of your next advertising campaign? 

JS: Camp SINGER22 (think bonfires, smores, swimming and tons of fun) is our next advertising campaign. I am really loving the concept and I think we will get some really incredible shots for all the publications we advertise in. This summer we will be in Hamptons Magazine (which is a great partner of ours), LA Confidential, Gotham Magazine, Ocean Drive, The Daily Dan, Daily Front Row, and several others. 

GG: What is your best SINGER22 story / moment? 

JS: Hard to mention just one, there are lots of great moments over our 8 years in business. One of the coolest was definitely an E! episode with Catt Sadler that included a story on SINGER22. Another was a party we threw in the Hampton’s hosted by Nicky Hilton with Sam Ronson as the DJ. And lastly a really cool moment for us that happened recently was an in store event and interview we did with Nicole Richie. 

GG: Why did you Jace Lipstein? That kid is a spaz! 

JS: I ask myself that question every day :). 

GG:  What can we expect next from SINGER22? 

JS:  Always expect the unexpected from SINGER22. We want to constantly surprise and bring our customers new and exciting things. Keep an eye out for more SINGER22 stores popping up soon.

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