Don’t Let Your Fingers Freeze This Winter!

1:07 pm

Gloves It’s pretty rare these days for someone to still be using a non-touchscreen phone or device. However, for the majority of us up-to-date with the technology of 2012, you know how annoying it is once winter hits and you have to quickly type out a text before your fingers freeze off.

GlovesLuckily, our problems are solved! Etre has these amazing FIVEPOINT Wool Gloves that come in two neutral colors so they will go with everything. These gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warm and dry with the ability to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or other touchscreen devices without having to take them off. Their special contactwoven fingertips allow to you touch, slide, tap, etc. with no problems.

Gloves If you need even more flexibility try the Etre Touchy Gloves that are missing their thumb and index fingertips so you can use not only touchscreen devices but almost any electronic device. These gloves give you more freedom than the FIVEPOINT gloves while still keeping your hands warm during wintry conditions.

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