Summer Style & Fashion Tips You Need to Try

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It’s summer again in the Northern Hemisphere and as temperatures rise expect the clothes to begin peeling off. We have assembled some tips to adapt your style to the heat without resorting to a full monty. 

Choose unlined, lightly constructed suits—or sweat a dam.

Hotter temps equal more lightweight choices and this rule applies more than anything to your suit jackets, blazers, sport coats and pants. Your best bets are fabrics such as seersucker and linen. Save corduroy, tweed and wool for the colder months, of course.

Wear more color and patterns.

This season the most appropriate hues go beyond monochrome. This is the time of the year to whip out your most colorful raiment and go for exciting patterns from tribal to camouflage to leopard.

Trade in your black suits for shades of brown, burgundy and green. As for blazers, you can never go wrong with navy blue; the sea itself suggests.

SundekKeep tees simple.

Slogan tees may be your thing nowadays, but a simple white t-shirt spells timeless. It fit James Dean then, it fits James Franco now. In fact, invest in a white tee not just for summer but for all seasons. It matches dark jeans or a leather jacket, and just about anything else.

But dressier t-shirts catch attention too. They easily complement your blazer and slim pants. You can always opt for the effortless, devil-may-care look of your sun-bleached t-shirts though.

ROGUEPleated khakis are love.

Sharply tailored, single-pleated khakis with a lone fold are in vogue this season, and you simply can’t miss them. They look as great in the office as on the beach.

Do not limit yourself to boardshorts.

That is, those with longer hemlines, i.e. covering the knees.

Instead, try wearing trunks, albeit the longer variety, i.e. reaching the thighs. Get the ones with micro-patterns. Don’t fear bright colors too, for they catch the attention of lifeguards when you need them.

P.S. Only wear Speedos if you have the body of a Greek god or an Olympian athlete.


Shorty, you need shorter shorts.

They are your must-haves if you don’t own them already. Remember, however, that contemporary men’s shorts have risen in hemlines, ending an inch or so above knee. Gone are the days of mammoth-sized cargo shorts.

Don’t wear flip-flops anywhere…

Just because it’s summer does not mean you can wear slippers just about everywhere. Flip-flops are made for the pool and beach. You cannot wear them to the office, not even on casual Fridays.

As an alternative to flip-flops, buy the more fashionable espadrilles. They have flat soles made of airy jute and slip on easily like the best pair of flip-flops.

…Because there are more than enough choices.

Canvas sneakers, slip-on sneakers, boat shoes, desert boots—the list for stylish shoes has never been longer. Many of them have gone luxe and strayed beyond the realm of sk8r bois. Just take care to wear deck shoes with naked ankles.


Shade your peepers.

This summer’s trend is biased to matte frames. However, it is difficult still to relegate true classics like metallic aviator sunglasses to fringe status.


Invest in a good piece of luggage.

If you need to pack really heavy, then get a soft, water-resistant canvas trunk. For relatively lighter loads, tote a posh duffel bag. And if you’re certain all you need are beach towels and a tablet, a floppy canvas carry-all will do.

Cap it up.

In terms of accessories, men have slimmer pickings than women. The most obvious key to this conundrum is in the hats. Be careful not to turn into a hackneyed sight though; we hear straw boaters are everywhere. So find your own accessory, like a Kabbalah bracelet or something.

Switch scents.

Spray on a different fragrance for summer. Citrus notes are king this season, compared with the woody, spicy scents of autumn.

Protect yourself.

With the temptation to strip off following you everywhere, it’s easy to forget that the sun is a double-edged sword. So protect yourself from a stellar cancer and delay photo-aging by slathering on a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. Defend your lips too, with a balm of SPF 15 or higher. Treat sunburned skin with Aloe vera and dryness with an exfoliate.

What’s your summer style?

Article by Joel Mayer who writes about fashion and reviews companies like Limedrop women’s fashion.
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