Three Pairs of Must-Have Sunglasses

4:07 pm

PersolBottom line: if you don’t own a pair of sunglasses, you need to go out right now and buy some. Not only do sunglasses prevent your eyes from harmful sun rays, they also cover your face (for the most part) if you’re hungover or just don’t feel like running into anyone. Think of sunglasses as a shield. Case in point: Big Daddy. Put on sunglasses and no one will see you.

Sunglasses also instantly make anyone look way cooler than they probably are. Don’t take this too literal and wear them everywhere like a restaurant, club, etc. Complex Style rounded up the 50 best sunglasses to have this summer, and a few of ours made the list. Check it out.

SunglassesComing in at number 36: Persol PO0714 54 Polarized sunglasses. Tortoise colored, plastic frames in an aviator shape. Best thing about these is that they fold up making them super easy to carry around. These Persol’s are a favorite of Ryan Gosling, Chris Brown and Zac Efron.

CarreraRanked number 11 out of 50: Carrera Safari sunglasses. Wider frames with a less “tear drop” look compared to regular aviators. Usher is a fan of the Safari Carrera’s.

Ray-BanComplex Style listed their top sunglasses to buy: Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. Slightly smaller version of the trailblazing original style with a rubber texture. Maroon 5 singer, Adam Levine, owns a pair in black.

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