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Aaron Basha Jewelry

Aaron Basha is a luxury jewelry brand best known for its unconventional designs and playful signature charms. Founded in 1906, the House of Basha has become synonymous with “magical treasures” lovingly crafted “for the child at heart.” Over 100 years later, Aaron Basha is run by Regine Basha, the fourth generation of jewelry designers in the Basha family.

Drawing inspiration from his personal and professional experiences, Aaron Basha seamlessly infused a sense of nostalgia into all of his high-quality designs. From celebrations of birth to the commemoration of lifelong relationships, each design is a unique memento for celebrations of life, love, family, and every occasion. Incorporating themes of love, vitality, and youth into his work, the house captured the hearts of high-profile clientele, international royalty, and a wide net of devoted consumers from around the world.